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I found video production back in 2018 when I was in high school and have been in love ever since. From pre-production shot listing to filming to editing to coloring, I love being a part of the creative process and joining the team as a member who can help execute the vision in mind.

Over the last few years, I've had the chance to participate in several video competitions on both the state and national levels. Feel free to check out my demo reel below, highlighting my DP, editing, and coloring work. I also included some of my full-length projects such as fan-favorite Mockumentary, "Twin Oppression", and coming-of-age, indie film esc, A24 wannabe short film, "Naomi".

Where in the world has video production taken me?


Utah TSA Video Production Winner 2019 - "Twin Oppression"

Director: Daniela Aaron, Screenplay: Daniela + Anna Aaron, DPs: Aly Leavitt + Brynnle Barker, Editors: Daniela + Anna Aaron

All American High School Film Festival, Drama Official Selection 2019 - "Naomi"

*warning: film contains some inappropriate language (as written in by screenplay writer)
Director: Daniela Aaron, Screenplay: Peyton Andrus, DPs: Daniela + Anna Aaron, Colorist/Editor: Daniela Aaron, Sound Design: Cache Olson

Adlab Projects


I've had the pleasure of being on several amazing Adlab sets since I was accepted into the program this past year. I've been everything from PA, talent, AD, and AC, to editor. Here are some of the sets I've worked on to name a few:

Vlassic - Art PA

    - Art Directors: Katie Jane + Cassie Powell

Moleskin - PA

    - Director and DP: Josh Lee, Art Director: Skyler Gregerson

Teen Vogue - PA and talent

    - Art Directors: Emma Higbee + Skyler Gregerson,

      Content: Belle Sutton

Tampax - Content PA

    - DP: Sam Jorgensen

Welift - Content PA

    - Director: Josh Lee, DP: Asher Huskinson

Versace - Content PA turned talent

    - Director: Drew Pineres, DP: Asher Huskinson

​L’oreal - 1st AC

    - Director: Josh Lee, DP: Liv Johnston

Spotify - 1st AD/AC

    - DP: Sam Jorgensen

Sharpie - Sound Design, Editor

    - Art Director: Emma Higbee, Copywriter: TShea King

Morphe - 1st AC, Editor (in progress)

    - DP: Sam Jorgensen

Maybelline - 1st AC

    - DP: Sam Jorgensen

Kellogg’s - 1st AC (day 1)

    - DP: Morgan Capener

Pinterest - 1st AC

    - Director: Anya Meredith, DP: Sam Jorgensen

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