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I think a person's favorite subject in school says a lot about who they are. Mine is history. What's not to love? It's an amalgamation of everything I love: culture, art, community, religion, language, music, and best of all - people’s stories.
My goals and desires for working in the ad industry are pretty simple: I want to make heirlooms. Something a company will have and use for years to come. I want to make ads that stand the test of time, ads that mean something real. 

My commitment to the Creative Track will be second to none. As a transfer student to BYU, this is the moment I transferred for. I knew I wanted to be a Content Creator in the BYU Adlab. I will quit my job, be broke, move back home, and take out loans if that's what it's going to take to ensure I give my full time and commitment to learning, creating, and executing kick-A work in the Adlab. Lets set a new precedent for what #1 looks like.
No matter my age, I've always had some kind of camera glued to my hand. It's a natural extension of my arm, just part of who I am.
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