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Fender is synonymous with all things rock 'n' roll and rock 'n' roll is synonymous with all things activism.

​​The "Strike a Chord" campaign simultaneously gets old rockers reminiscing about the days when their favorite artists pushed for social change + amps gen z up about the causes they care about.

Print Ads

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Fender prints Quotes-01.png
Fender prints Quotes-02.png

Social Posts

The prints depict rock legends - tightly associated with activism - playing Fender guitars, overlaid with images of protests from movements they each promoted.

The social posts depict this in video form, something easily consumed and available to a wide audience of all ages.

Anthem Piece

Content Creator: Daniela Aaron
Copywriter: Sydney Illum
Art Director: Sydney Christensen
(I must say, they are a fantastic duo)
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