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General Mills

on TikTok👀
In this age of social media, have you ever wondered why General Mills' famous cereal mascots aren't on social media?

The era of TV cereal advertising in the early
2000s is long gone, but with this campaign, the mascots can now enter their TikTok era so that they stay
relevant, iconic, and ahead of the trends.

Through the #GMBreakfastClub TikTok campaign, General Mills will get more views, likes, engagement, and better brand reputation for a much lower price — simply by being funny and keeping up with the trends on social media. It's a win-win.
Accounts will be made for each mascot to showcase
their personalities and interact with consumers. 

#GMBreakfastClub TikToks

The General Mills characters and themes would take TikTok by storm.
They can easily adapt to every trend and stay relevant with not only those who grew up with their iconic cereals, but start a new era of memorable advertising for younger generations.
Content Creators: Daniela Aaron
& Addison Leavitt
Art Director: Annabelle Peterson

If you were thoroughly entertained by the TikToks above, here are a few more examples of the many directions you could take this campaign.
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